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Welcome to HighDefAmateurHardcore.com, a free porn site displaying hardcore HD videos and photos. Visitors browsing this material will find superb technical quality and resolution. You'll also discover a delightful collection of stunning females engaged in high quality hardcore action. These models include some of the hottest amateurs, cam girls and professional actresses on the web. Our contributors - a fun-loving gang of respected XXX critics - scour the web to find the high quality HD porn items displayed here. Check out some recent uploads on this page to the left!

March 2016

We're still in the process of upgrading a few videos to longer/better versions, and just added several new clips. You can find these at the top of the Movies page in the Amateurs section. We haven't added any webcam videos lately, so anyone looking for good webcam porn might want to look elsewhere. Of course, be sure to check out our cam girls first!

September 2015

Updated the site, finally. New videos were added to all sections of the Movies page, and several existing videos were replaced with better versions. Enjoy!

January 2015

We wanted to make sure readers knew about the videos we just added. These can be found in the Pornstars and Cam Girls sections of the Movies page. The newest items are at the top of each section. Although we're getting lazy about writing these updates, we'll continue adding new porn on a regular basis.

Anyone looking for fresh sources of free HD porn should check out HD Porn Club. In terms of quality, the videos here at High Def are the best you'll find, but we recognize sites like this have more videos.

July 2014

We've added some nice XXX content recently, including full-length videos in the amateurs, pornstars and webcam girls sections of the movies page. The newest items are mostly at the top of each section. The movies page is getting rather large, and we're thinking about ways to reorganize stuff to make navigation easier.

December 2013

We’ve been hard at work building and improving High Def Amateur Hardcore. Most notably, we’ve added a lot of HD videos in the amateurs, webcam girls and pornstars sections, including longer movies with Audrey Bitoni, Brooke Haven and other girls.

We are struggling with a few technical issues. These include video encoding and player configurations. We hope to solve these problems soon. If you have a problem playing the videos, please let us know!

On one final note, we'd like to draw attention to a site we found the other day. If you like pornstar Nikki Benz, you may enjoy the high quality hardcore offerings of the so-called Nikki Benz Porn Club. Check it out! That's all we have for today. We look forward to locating more new HD porn for our visitors in the coming days, weeks and months.

March 2013

For anyone who’s never tried it but wants to, heed our warning that the adult website business is damn near impossible to break into. This is our main finding many months into the project. Of course, it could just be that we’re uncommonly slow when it comes to learning the trade.

In other news, we’re still in this highly unprofitable business of pushing free HD porn on the web. We recently updated the Amateurs section of the Movies page here at High Def, adding three new high resolution videos. Next on the agenda is adding some new pics and movies we’ve collected. Some of these feature pornstars, and some feature webcam girls. These cam girls are really the hottest around, as you'll soon see.

We’ll finish this update by telling you about two new HD sites we found. These are HD Pornstars and Porn in HD. These websites are based on the same HD porn theme which has guided development of HighDefAmateurHardcore.com. Pretty cool, eh?

November 2012

In case anyone reads these monthly updates, we apologize for being a little late with the May piece. Our biggest recent additions include HD videos featuring pornstars Nikki Benz, Jada Stevens, and Gina Lynn and Shyla Stylez. As discussed last month, we’ve opted to diversify the menu of free HD porn, and incorporate high quality sex movies and pics of pornstars to go with the existing material featuring amateurs and webcam girls. We’re not giving up on the amateur theme, but rather just broadening our focus.

May 2012

We have big plans for this month. We are about to expand the movies section with HD porn clips of all sorts, including a new pornstar section. While we recognize this not-so-amateur porn content may be at odds with our site name, we hope these new movies will be high def and hardcore enough to make up for this.

For anyone interested, we've been dividing our time lately between this site and an even newer site, Latina Hardcore HD, where you can find lots of high def Latina porn. As with High Def Amateur Hardcore, this site includes mostly hardcore porn while incorporating a diverse mixture of photos and videos.

February 2012

We've added quite a few pics and movies so far this month, including this threesome video. It features a hot blond amateur and plenty of high Def hardcore sex action.

We're interested in feedback regarding types of content and/or performers visitors prefer. If you like or dislike anything, feel free to drop a line. You can also voice your preference using the sharing buttons on each page. We'll consider your opinions in planning our future adult menu.

January 2012

Be sure to check out Blake's pics and movies. She's the hot Latina girl featured in several of the webcam videos. Besides being gorgeous with a hot body, she has a huge collection of sexy photos and HD movies at her site. The videos include some great hardcore ones, and are worth checking out. If you like the movies of hers shown here, you can find a lot more at her website.


We always appreciate any kind of feedback. Please get in touch if you have questions, advice, or complaints. With that said, we hope our guests enjoy the results of our contributors' efforts. Over time, we are all together assembling a top-notch collection of free HD porn videos and pictures. People looking strictly for amateur porn videos may well find larger collections elsewhere, but make sure to check out our high definition movies while you're here.